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Sheet type

Find out which bow type you are in just a few steps. Only four questions separate you from your score!

Which bow suits you best?

Finding the bow that really suits you is often not that easy. The choice is great and this diversity is not always a blessing. Should it be a fast take down recurve, an ILF bow or rather a hybrid or longbow? If you have a choice, you are often spoiled for choice.

What kind of bow are you?

If you know what type of bow you are, you can already narrow down the choices a bit and that will get you one step closer to your perfect bow!

You can find out which bow really suits you here

Reviews of the Antur arches

Some of our customers like to share their experiences with their Antur bows with other archers. Some do this via their own YouTube channels, others via detailed test reports. We are always happy about such reviews and feedback and would like to share it with you!

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