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Arrow construction

We build your arrows: Individually assembled according to your ideas!


Our team manufactures high-quality and individual arrows – completely tailored to your wishes.

When building arrows, the most important thing is the exact and individual coordination of the individual components. Because when the arrow misses its target, it is often due to the lack of coordination between the arrow, the bow and the shooter.

In order to achieve a precise arrow flight and consequently a good hit, the material, diameter, length and spin value of the arrow shaft are just as important as the shape and weight of the tip. Based on these criteria, we build individual arrows that are precisely tailored to the needs of each shooter. Custom arrows can also be individually selected nibs, colors and cams.

We build your arrows!

You would like to customize your arrows but don’t want to assemble them yourself? No problem, with our service of the arrow construction: Gladly we make from your individual components ready arrows for you.