I recently received my Artus (37@28) – just a few days after ordering it online. Ordering process: this is how I envision online sheet ordering in 2020. Modern and clear website, chat offer for quick questions in between, top additional information via YouTube videos on the sheets, fast delivery, friendly contact. Contact: mega fast, mega friendly – so shopping is fun! Delivery: super fast delivery from Austria to Northern Germany, have been top informed about every status to the delivery. And in the end, the delivery fulfilled exactly my expectations that I had previously developed via website and YouTube videos. Unpack and let arrows fly, the bow is ready to shoot. And great equipped with the carefree package (cover, rest, protection for lower limb tip, Allen key for limb mounting, nocking point). Also nice that the bow comes fully assembled. Der Artus: Dear guys, you have developed a great Take Down Recurve. I’m 1.90m, so I’m especially happy about the 64 inches. Extremely smooth draw, no handshock whatsoever, fast as a rocket, smooth shooting even without dampers (yes, I added some, so it now throws in “stealth mode” so to speak). The Arthur fits perfectly in my hand, very nice handle. And due to the oiled surface it offers a haptic pleasure. And at the same time has a most pleasant weight. The limbs are visually with regard to the curvature a great pleasure, beautiful plain black, and above all fast. Again, top processing. Conclusion: after a long break from archery, I was looking for a comfortable but at the same time performant bow. With the Arthur, my expectations have been exceeded and I would buy the bow again in a heartbeat and enjoy the top ordering process, top delivery time, top customer service a second time.”