I would like to give you a little feedback on the delivered ILF centerpiece Vulcanus…. Look: wow mega. The middle part in black with the wooden inlay, even if it is only a replica, is a real eye-catcher, and was also admired today by some of my club colleagues. Weight: it is with approx. 830 gr. sufficiently heavy and is very well balanced. Grip: The grip is very good in the hand, even if it is a bit angular at the front, you get used to it very quickly. I would still like a slightly wider thumb rest, then it would be perfect. Shooting performance: Woooow absolutely outstanding. I shoot on it Uukha EX1 Evo2 limbs that have 38 lbs with the middle part, and I am very excited. I feel no hand shock and already after a few arrows I have a super grouping. The handpiece gives a nice calmness to the whole bow and together with the ergonomic grip design it is excellent for shooting reproducibly and consistently. See attached picture: I shot this group after 20 arrows at 18 meters and was not the last one today. Conclusion: A beautiful middle part, which is very well made and will be an eye-catcher at any tournament, I am more than pleasantly surprised about the shooting performance. Thanks again for letting me test it.