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A carbon shaft for all cases: The Antur shaft series is optimally matched to the Antur bows and specially developed for beginners and hobby shooters in the 3D range.

“The arrow hits the target – not the bow!”

This proverb wants to tell us that the arrow is an important, if not THE most important material component for a good hit in archery. But to get “all in the kill”, you need, above all, the right arrow to the bow. For this reason, Antur offers carbon shafts that are optimally matched to all Antur bows.

Finding the right arrow for one’s bow is usually not so easy for archery enthusiasts. Especially beginners and hobby shooters are quickly confronted with technical terms that are often incomprehensible at first, such as spine value, draw length and weight, which play an important role in arrow selection. Even experienced archers often face one or the other challenge in optimally tuning the arrow.

This is what happened to Bernhard Badegruber and Erwin Eber when they started looking for suitable shafts and finished arrows for the Antur bows about three years ago. Bernhard tells us in an interview how and why this initially rather small project turned into the development of an own Antur shaft series.

Bernhard Badegruber on the creation of the Antur shaft series:

What was your motivation to develop your own shaft series under the brand name Antur?

Simply because there is no specialist for 3D shafts on the bow market yet. We quickly realized this when we were looking for suitable shafts and arrows for our Antur bows about three years ago. We quickly realized that we had to develop our own shaft series if we wanted to offer our customers real added value.

You started development three years ago. What took so long?

The first arrows were tested at that time in the archery center Breitenstein and by our partners. Many things have been changed, diameter, weight, material composition, it all takes time. In the process, we have built up a lot of knowledge and after 25,000 shafts sold, we have now found the perfect combination. Both in terms of color and durability of the arrows.

What is special about the Antur 3D shafts?

We have developed the Antur shafts primarily for ambitious recreational and tournament shooters in the 3D range. In addition to optimum functionality, we have paid particular attention to durability and the best price/performance ratio. In addition, we have also included the matching components such as cams, tips and protector rings in the product range. In addition to individual components, we also offer finished arrows. These fit not only Antur bows, but all modern glass-covered bows. The shaft series including accessories completes the Antur product range. This was a missing piece of the puzzle with Antur now being a full provider in traditional archery.

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