About us | Antur Dynamic Edition

The Dynamic Edition was specially developed for powerful, super-heavy bows.

All centerpieces that have “Dynamic” in their name are probably the heaviest take down centerpieces in their price range, weighing at least 750 grams, with neither lead nor tungsten cast into them.

Our bow experts have searched and developed for a long time until they found the optimal material for the Antur Dynamic Edition. We have not made any compromises in this respect. Micarta was out of the question due to its visually unappealing fabric structure, as were other materials already on the market.

Specially developed Antur synthetic resin

In the final stage of development, our product developers have chosen a specially developed, heavy synthetic resin in black for the Antur Dynamic Edition, which can be excellently oiled, as is usual with Antur bows. The oiled surface of the bows creates that velvety feel that has delighted Antur archers from the start. Thus, the Dynamic Edition also fits perfectly into the Antur bow concept.

Bows from Dynamic Edition

Take Down Recurve Artus Jaspis Dynamic

ILF Recurve Artus Avatar Dynamic

ILF Recurve Artus Jaspis Dynamic

“The heavy Jasper Dynamic gets a very clear recommendation from me! Thank you for this great bow! King Arthur will remain my companion from now on.”

Heiko from North Germany