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Your individual bow

We humans are individualists and want exactly that with our bow – an individual solution.

Exclusivity and uniqueness are in the foreground. And this is exactly what the Antur Custom Longbows can score with. Numerous choices are available for its configuration. From basics such as the bow length, poundage and variant to the design and the woods used, the future bow owner creates his own personal Antur Custom Longbow.

Configure the individual sheet quickly and easily

For the Custom Longbow, bow lengths of 64″, 66″, 68″ or 70″ and poundages from 25# to 50# can be selected for both right and left handed shooters. Three different design variants, six Actionwoods, ten different woods and just as many veneers are available. This lays the foundation for the Antur Custom Longbow.

To make the bow truly unique, numerous additional features are available, such as carbon instead of glass laminate on the back of the bow or Stabil Core as well as carbon between the bamboo layers and much more. If desired, the sheet can be finished with an overlay, for which up to three different veneers can be used.
can be selected. All these additional features give the Antur Custom Longbow its distinctive character.

The solid bamboo limbs of the Antur Custom Longbow are particularly quiet and smooth shooting and can be reinforced with carbon if desired. This carbon reinforcement makes the longbow enormously fast and thus it is in no way inferior to a hunting recurve in terms of accuracy. Its ergonomically shaped handle is very comfortable to hold and its oiled surface creates a velvety feel. It’s just fun to shoot him.

Configure arc

For sheet configuration, there is a comprehensive brochure that serves as a selection guide. In the step-by-step instructions, all details from sheet data to design variant to additional features are explained in detail. In addition to pictures of the woods and veneers, the brochure also offers sample pictures of Antur Custom Longbows that have already been realized.

Antur Custom Longbow at 3D Parcours

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