About us

About us

Antur Archery

Powerful arches Made in Austria

The idea to produce innovative bows for traditional archery that are stable, accurate and of consistently high quality was the motivating factor and motivation for Bernhard and Erwin to found the Antur brand in 2015.

The name “Antur” was quickly found. Antur is a Welsh term meaning “adventure”. That is also what this sport is all about. Strike through the forest with bow and arrow and feel a touch of adventure.

Our drive is to bring the adventure of archery to archers through high performance, glass covered bows in a unique design.

Our vision: To be the most innovative sheet production in Austria

With our innovative bends and comprehensive service, we get one step closer to this goal every day. Because we help archers find the right bow and accessories to go with it. For our customers, this means maximum pleasure in archery and the good feeling of having chosen the right bow.

The numerous positive feedbacks from our customers are the best motivation to continue Antur’s success story. Together with one goal: to build the best bows for the best shooters. For leisure hobby and sport – get the experience!

Bows from Austria

In order to establish a bow production in Austria, as well as to increase the added value of jobs in the region, Antur bows are produced 100% in Upper Austria, near Linz. This enables short delivery times and thus high availability of the high-performance sheets.

Designed for highest performance

State-of-the-art manufacturing technology is combined with technical know-how for the high-performance wooden bows. Each Antur bow receives its finishing touches through delicate handwork. The result: bows with precise flight characteristics for the highest demands that convey a feeling of freedom and adventure.

Silky oiled surface

The oil used to give the bows their finish brings out the grain of the bow beautifully. The oiling gives the bow its soft feel, making it feel natural. It closes the wood to protect it from moisture as well as drying out and gives each Antur bow its silky smooth surface. Erleben Sie das einzigartige GefĂŒhl von geölten Bögen!

Discover Antur Arches

Erleben Sie das einzigartige GefĂŒhl von geölten Bögen!