Minerva "designed by Antur"

Each Minerva is unique with its own color and wood combination - designed by Antur!

The precise processing of its handle made of multilayer real wood veneer zebrano combined with veneered bamboo limbs gives the Minerva its adventurous, masculine appearance.

The powerful One Piece Recurve is designed for maximum performance with its bow length of 68 inches and pound thicknesses from 30 to 50 #. The Antur flagship not only scores with tournament shooters with maximum smoothness thanks to the highest precision.

The high-quality workmanship of the Minerva with its silky oiled surface is given its final touch by delicate handwork. The result is a One Piece Recurve with precise flight characteristics for the highest demands, which conveys a feeling of freedom and adventure.

The oiled surface creates a velvety feel. It's just fun to run your hand over and shoot him.


Characteristics and technical data Minerva

Bow type: One Piece Recurve

Bow length: 68 inches

Weight: 0,975 kg

Variants: for right and left hand gunners

Draw weight: 39#

Grip material: multilayer reals wood veneer zebrano

Core of limbs: CNC tapered bamboo laminates for more accuracy

Limbs: veneered bamboo limbs

Antur Speed ​​Tips: for less hand shock (harder & lighter than Micarta)

Special feature: Antur flagship scores with maximum smoothness thanks to the highest precision

Specified arrow weight: no arrow weight prescribed

Recommended arrow weight: 8 gn / # draw weight

Recommended stand height: 8.5 to 9 inches

String: FastFlight

String length: 166 cm

Warranty: 2 years


Antur carefree pakcage is included

  • FastFlight bowstring (tailoted to the tensile strength of the bow)
  • Antur bow cover fleece
  • Antur bowstring keeper
  • Arrowwrest
  • Bow tip protector
  • Nock point restricter
  • Antur warranty-card

Upon request, our bows are set ready for shooting. Please note when ordering in the field "Annotation to your order".

Experience the unique feel of oiled bows!

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